Heroes don’t really have a shop. We have the following merchandise available for your Heroes groups that we help you to access at cost or through a donation. Large orders can be made direct, with the manufacturer, and small orders can be grouped together to enable the best prices. Please contact for help with ordering.

Child polo shirt rPOLO SHIRTS

Heroes Wear White, Leaders Light Blue and Regional Leaders Purple. They are available in sizes:-
3-4 Year Old
5-6 Year Old
7-8 Year Old
9-10 Year Old
11-13 Old
Adult S, M, L & XL

Pin Badge rWrist band rWe also have black fleeces available for those cold days on parade!

Heroes pin badges, wrist bands and lanyards are also available.



Nat STDHeroes’ Standards are available, at cost. Please contact us for details.

These come with everything you need to parade such as gauntlets, sling, standard and accessory bags etc.

The total cost is in the region of £900. National Heroes aims to pay the first £100 for any group wishing to have their own standard.